A Frazzled Mum’s List of 10 Things She Misses from Her Pre-Baby Days

Aahhh parenting…. As much as you love your child/children, there are definitely things that you miss about your pre-parent life.

I miss..

1. Sleeping in – I am so not a morning person. No matter how many cups of coffee I drink, if you wake me up early, I remain a whiny b*tch for half the day.

2. Wearing nice earrings. I was big on earrings. I owned lots and lots (and lots). Big ones, statement ones, weird looking ones. Now I only own a few cause my daughter have also destroyed .. a few.

3. Making random plans at random times. There was a time I could spontaneously meet up with friends at 11 pm out of the blue. Now everything has a schedule, everything has a routine, my days are so structured.

4. Having a hobby. Blogging remains my only hobby. I only get a chance to write when my daughter sleeps or during lunch break at work. I used to be a part of a dance troupe, sing in a gospel choir, walk pointlessly across the city, photography, etc. Don’t have time for any of that now.

5. Travel easily. These days, when we travel, we think about how feasible it is to have a child sit on the toddler seat for 3 hours. Will she fall asleep? Will she scream the entire way? I don’t know.. it’s a mystery? Is it worth the headache? No. Well let’s not travel that far then…..

6. Go shopping in peace. Groceries shopping with a toddler is like disaster management x 10. Let me pick up this packet of organic apples, give me 10 seconds and don’t steal a packet of lollies in the meantime!!!

7. Go to the toilet in peace. My toddler thinks that when I go to the toilet, I disappear to a different dimension. Even though she can still hear my voice from the other side of the door, she still has a dramatic meltdown, while banging on the door. No, Narnia is not in here, and I really need to pee, sweety.

8. Go to the cinema. The last film I watched in the cinema was the last Alien film, when I was 37 weeks pregnant, which was a bad film to watch while having a living thing scratching and kicking from inside of your tummy. I haven’t had the time to go back to the cinema ever since.

9. Watching SBS and ABC. I want my news and documentaries. But now it’s Sesame Street on repeat. I know exactly what Elmo will say now, ooh look it’s Mr. Noodle! Hi Mr. Noodle!

10. My food for myself. When we are both eating pasta, my toddler has her own bowl. But no, she wants the pasta in MY bowl. Mum, are you eating chocolate? Too bad, it’s mine now. By the way do you have popsicles? It’s mine too.

However, funnily enough, after writing all of these things down, I realise that no matter how much I miss my old life, I don’t want to have it back. Parenting is tough and it sucks sometimes, but the happiness my daughter brings me is a whole new level of blessing. I can’t imagine life without her. Sometimes I feel that life hasn’t exactly started before she arrived. She is my life now, and I gladly have her on board.

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