A Frazzled Mum’s Experience Using Disposables and Modern Cloth Nappies

I’ve tried both disposable and modern cloth nappies, and now I just want to talk about their pros and cons.

Each year, 3.7 BILLION nappies end up in landfill in Australia and New Zealand ONLY. The thought of me contributing to that made me sick in the stomach, and I was looking for options. So I tried modern cloth nappies.

Modern cloth nappies (MCN) usually comes in a one-size-fits all fitting and can either come with snap buttons or velcro. The principle of this product is great, instead of keep buying nappies you use once, these nappies are made to last. However, I found some drawbacks.

1. MCNs require a lot of care and maintenance. When you have a child that already requires a lot of care and maintenance, you don’t want to add more headache to your routine. Some MCNs need to be washed in cold water otherwise it will lose its absorbency.

2. You will need to buy LOTS. The thing with MCNs is that your child will feel wet much quicker than with disposable nappies, therefore you need to change them every 2-3 hours. So you go through a lot through the day.

3. You will have to do a lot of laundry. Therefore you will use A LOT of water, and sometimes I question the environmental-friendliness at this point. Usually you need to do multiple batches during the week and it just adds more stress.

If you’re thinking of using MCNs, I’m not trying to discourage you, I’m just writing out if experience. I have heard from a lot of other mums who absolutely love their MCNs and have used them on multiple children. I have a dear friend of mine who’s daughter uses MCNs all her life and she wouldn’t ever convert to disposables. It depends on the parents, and the routines you are willing to have.

I decided to quit MCNs after 3 months of use because it required too much management for me. I am a working mum, by the time I get home, I am exhausted after taking public transport. But.. oh no.. now I am contributing to that landfill again!

I was so happy with I found out that Helen’s daycare decided to provide nappies for all children (before that, we brought our own nappies). But, they decided that the nappies are made out of bamboo and they are decompose much quicker than the standard nappies.

There are plenty of eco friendly brands out there. While they’re not as absorbent as the standard ones, they usually don’t contain toxic materials either. The downside? They’re (much) more expensive and they’re harder to find in the shops. Can’t win huh?

Each parent have their own standards and routines. Do what suits you best because parenting is already hard enough!

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